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When Should a Company Rebrand?

Is it really time to rebrand your business?

Considering the huge hit your business can take when you rebrand, this isn’t something you want to take lightly. After all, consumers like familiar things. They’re tried and tested. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a business that rebrands too frequently to appear fishy and dishonest.

Then, there’s the huge amount of work and time required to rebrand. After all, if you change your website, you have to change your email signatures, letterhead, social profiles, contact information, usernames, and many other elements. Then there’s the complication of new names and profiles not being available. To complicate things, everything needs to be changed in a short amount of time to avoid confusion.

All that aside, when is rebranding your company a good idea?
When a Site Changes Hands

If you’ve recently purchased a website, and the existing branding no longer matches the goals you have for the site, a fresh start may be just the thing to get it going. This is particularly true if the previous owner had some bad PR or reviews you’d like to avoid. You should keep in mind this can scare off existing customers as well.
When a Brand Is So Old It’s Irrelevant

If you want customers to think your company keeps up with the latest happenings and relates to them, an outdated brand can do more harm than good. The exception to the rule here are industry leading brands that benefit from brand-specific familiarity and searches, as well as brands that depend on a retro look (if you’re selling old games or specialize in period clothing, for example).
When the Current Brand Is Pigeonholed

Your brand should never determine what you offer; your customers should decide. So, if your brand has expanded or traveled beyond its existing limits, update the brand to match.

For example, I rebranded my company from Freedom Freelance to Angie’s Copywriting once I moved out of the realm of just writing and began to focus specifically on web copy, content marketing, and strategies. The new brand played on the connections and image I’d built around my personal name. It also gave my company the professional image it needed to grow and attract a new target audience.
When You Want To Target a New Audience

Sometimes, serving a different audience can give you an edge or better match your skills. Rebranding can help attract the eyes of new potential customers while bringing attention to the trait that matter the most to them. It can also build their confidence in the services and products you provide.
When You Have Competition

A little bit of competition never hurts, but when it gets to be too much, you need to do something that sets you apart from the herd. When rebranding in this situation, make sure to define a Unique Selling Prospective that will eliminate some of your competitors in you customer’s minds. This might include the introduction of new products and services, presenting the items you already offer in a new way, or providing a different delivery method.
When Your Brand Has A Flawed Foundation

Maybe you didn’t think things through when you created the original brand, or maybe you just made an honest mistake. Either way, if the foundation of your company’s branding has a flaw, it’s holding you back. The only option you often have is to lay a new foundation. Some of these mistakes can include a poor name choice, a bad domain, serious marketing errors, or a brand that closely resembles something else.

When You Need A Marketing Boost

A new brand can be just the thing your company needs if it seems stuck in a rut or rolling back down the hill of success. Use the changes in your marketing to your advantage. Give a party and launch it like a shiny new product. To introduce the new brand, attract new customers, and intrigue the existing ones, explain what’s new about the brand and why your customers will benefit from it.

Alternatively, you might want to make rebranding a part of your marketing strategy. Do it regularly, and you’ll find people visit regularly just to see what you’ve done. Keep in mind, however, this concept doesn’t necessarily work for all industries and companies. You’ll also want to keep some basic elements the same, so people can still identify the brand as yours.

What other situations require a rebrand? Have you done it? Do you have any helpful tips?

by Angie Nikoleychuk

Author Info
Based in Saskatchewan, Canada, Angie Nikoleychuk (Haggstrom) is the Senior Copywriter and Content Consultant for Angie’s Copywriting, a professional business copywriting service providing high-end content to companies and organizations of all sizes. In addition to her online copywriting, Angie is also a contributing author and guest writer for several industry leading publications, a diehard coffee addict, and avid Twitter user. Her favorite subjects? SEO, SM, branding, marketing, and business. (Besides writing, of course!)